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Instructions for BlackHoleProxy

This "black-hole proxy" for Windows can be used with no-ads.pac to filter banner ads. It eliminates the need to configure a real proxy server or a UNIX shell to return blank text or graphics to your browser. It runs invisibly in the background.

To use the proxy:

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-port <num>
Specify the port number referenced in your no-ads.pac. The default is 3421.

-graphics <file>
Specify the path of the graphics file to use to replace advertisement graphics. The default is John LoVerso's blank GIF.

Terminate any black-hole proxy that's currently running in the background.

By default, the proxy accepts connections from only the same PC. Supply this parameter to allow connections from other machines.

-pac [port]
(Suggested by InvisiBill)


The code is provided as-is. The author assumes no responsibility for any errors either in the comments or the code of this program. Bug fixes and suggestions are welcomed. Please e-mail .

Copyright 2003, Larry L. Wang. All Rights Reserved.
Permission is given to use and distribute BlackHoleProxy.exe, provided that this copyright message is included.

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